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  • 11.07.2021
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Taubei | 13.07.2021
Yes, but cultivating this virtue can be a real drag. I credit my patience and persistence too long guard shifts, a long intensive Arabic course, a very long enlistment, two long deployments, then a two year job hunt when I got out of the military. On a more fun level, knitting has also helped. Sure, I'm patient. But it's more of a long suffering scorched patience than a Buddha like enlightened patience. ;)
Tygolmaran | 14.07.2021
that pussy looks like it wants me
Tygomi | 18.07.2021
cause wild hookup paramour. dete hai galiya.
Faeramar | 19.07.2021
Damn, my point of view would have been up his butt, literally.

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